Why Can’t We Feed The Homeless?

Compassion and fiscal responsibility in government are not mutually exclusive.

Meet Tony Buzbee

Tony Buzbee is running for Mayor of Houston to end corruption, restore effective government and deliver results for all Houstonians.

Merry Christmas 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Tony Buzbee

Why Won’t the Mayor Let Firefighter Cadets Graduate?

These firefighter cadets have gone through their training and haven’t been sworn in. We need them out helping Houstonians, not sitting on the sidelines.

How Do We Change This City?

In case you missed the campaign rally at the Cadillac Bar, catch some of the highlights in this video. Don’t worry if you couldn’t join us, there will be plenty more!

Family to Me is Everything

Here are two people I’d like you to meet. They know me better than anyone else and I couldn't be happier to have their support day in and day out. I'm blessed to have them in my life.

Tony Buzbee Eighth Wonder Brewery

Check out some highlights from our campaign event at 8th Wonder Brewery!

Endorsement From Eddie Wright

Like Eddie said, "We're going to make some change happen." So proud to know I have his support.

The REAL State of the City Event Recap

Check out a brief recap of Tony's Real State of the City address.

The Good Fight

There are some things well worth fighting for and Tony Buzbee is the man to do it.

Tony’s Pet Rally

Tony held an incredible event bringing attention to our animal problems. There were representatives from all sorts of organizations who were there to support our cities animals.

Filing Day

Tony made his run for Mayor official this morning by filing at City Hall! In an unprecedented event, he had over 100 supporters show up to celebrate his filing!

Bumper Sticker

I am so thrilled to have support like this!

Mayor Turner on Hurricane Harvey

This is what the Mayor had to say about Hurricane Harvey.

Lizandro Roman Testimonial

Thank you Lizandro! Your testimonial means the world to me.


Only Mayor Turner could find a way to exploit a natural disaster for his own profit.


Only Mayor Turner could find a way to exploit a natural disaster for his own profit.